The Delft University of Technology (TUDelft, The Netherlands) has a long tradition and track-record in university-industry collaboration and valorisation of knowledge. In particular, the Water Management Department (, which directly participates to DOMINO, focuses on the large water cycle, both as it occurs naturally and as affected by humans interventions. TUDelft coordinates WP3 about the geophysical modelling supporting sensors design and data analysis interpretation, and it will design and perform the large-scale field testing for the pressure sensors. TUDelft is also actively contributing to stakeholder involvement and to dissemination.

Thom Boggard
WP3 Leader
Associate professor in hillslope and landslide hydrology at the water management department and expert in preferential flow within hillslope and landslide systems and developing innovative monitoring in hydrology. He is involved in the experimental testing of the Fiber Optic sensors in the lab and real-scale dikes and their numerical simulation.
Juan P. Aguilar Lopez
Team member
Postdoc researcher at the water management department with experience in the design, modelling and monitoring of dikes. He is involved in the lab and real scale experiment design for sensor testing and the numerical modelling of the dikes.
Matthijs Kok
Team member
Professor of Flood Risk and Scientific Director at TUDelft, he is expert in assessment of Flood Risk and of the effectiveness of innovative methods to monitor dikes for potential failures.
Myron van Damme
Team member
Postdoctoral researcher at TUDelft, he has extensive expertise in numerical modelling of dike breaches, and breach initiation processes.
Timo Schweckendiek
Team member
Expert on reliability analysis of levees, piping failure mechanism, spatial statistics and the impact of heterogeneity on reliability geotechnical innovations.