Work packages
WP0: Coordination

WP Leader: Luca Palmieri (UNIPD)

Project risk management

WP1: Distributed fiber optic sensors

WP Leader: Miguel Gonzalez-Herraez (UAH)

Development of distributed vibration sensor
Development of distributed pressure sensor
Characterization of distributed vibration sensor
Characterization of distributed pressure sensor

WP2: Quasi-distributed fiber optic sensors

WP Leader: Luca Palmieri (UNIPD)

Development of FBG-based pressure sensor
Characterization of FBG-based pressure sensors

WP3: Geophysical numerical modelling

WP Leader: Thom Bogaard (TUDelft)

Numerical modelling of dike hydrology
Dike hydrology data analysis
Numerical modelling of debris-flow seismic activity
Debris-flow data analysis

WP4: Small- and large-scale physical models and tests

WP Leader: Alessandro Pasuto (IRPI)

Small-scale physical models
Dike monitoring large-scale testing
Debris-flow monitoring large-scale testing

WP5: Communication and dissemination

WP Leader: Andrea Galtarossa (UNIPD)

Scientific communication
Definition of best practices
Involvement and communication to stakeholders
Final workshop organization

The forecasted increase in extreme meteorological events and related natural hazards is impelling our Society to explore and develop new strategies and technologies to effectively face and manage the connected risks. Project DOMINO aims at contributing to this effort by developing novel optical fiber sensors to monitor two of the most frequent events related to recent climate trend, namely floods and debris flows.

As for the former DOMINO is exploring the possibility of applying novel fiber sensors to monitor river embankments and dikes in order to detect the anomalous infiltration processes, which can bring the retaining structure to collapse. Concerning debris flows the proposal will deal with the monitoring of ground vibration induced by the flowing material along the channel in a distributed mode so to improve the current discrete detection made by geophones. In both cases, the novel sensors will allow the decision makers to have more time to deliver a warning signal to the population potentially at risk. 

DOMINO will pursue these goals along two main research lines: the development of a distributed optical fiber sensors for ground vibration measurement, to be used in debris-flow monitoring, and the development of distributed and quasi-distributed fiber optic sensors for pressure measurement, to be mainly used in the monitoring of dikes.

DOMINO started on May 1st, 2016, and will last 3 years.